I have coached for the soccer program at Mount Pleasant High School since 2007. I started out as an assistant, but quickly became the junior varsity head coach where I worked with the boys program for eight seasons and the girls program for five. In 2015, I stepped into the head coaching role for the boys varsity team. I have also recently picked up one of the Mount Pleasant Soccer Clubs U10 teams.

Coaching gives me the opportunity to stretch my life in areas that I may not naturally look to grow. In my day job I sit at a computer for over 8 hours a day. Coaching forces me to get outside everyday and get some fresh air. It also allows me to work with many different families that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with. It also stretches my team building skills. I am far from a perfect coach, but I enjoy the challenge in this non technical area of my life.



For a number of years I owned a DSLR with an ever increasing number of lenses and accessories. In the past few years I’ve simplified to becoming an iPhone photographer. I try to keep a DayOne journal of a photo everyday with varied success. I hope to share that one day with everyone, but I haven’t quite got around to it and it’s really not that good yet.

I am a bit of a hack with photography (like a lot of other areas), but I do have a small claim to fame. In 2007, my then boss was writing for ProAudio Review Magazine and asked me to get a few photos of the microphone he was reviewing. I ended up with a handful from the concert hall and sent them on the way. They loved the photos and ended up putting them on the front cover and in a full page spread.

All the photos on this site were taken be me on various iPhones with the notable exception of the home page, which was actually taken by my talented wife with some old Canon camera.


Bike Commuting

I’d like to say biking, but the vast majority of my biking time is spent going to and from work. I commute nearly every day whether its five below or 90 in the shade. I find it very relaxing and enjoyable 95% of the time. The other 5% can be challenging, but to me it’s been worth it. My main commuter is a Priority Eight, but I’ll ride my fixed gear or 29er on occasion as well.



For over ten years of my life, I identified myself as a guitarist. While I still like to think I can play, I definitely don’t have the time to put in it that I once had. Current gear:

Current FX Chain